066 - Lacquar-esque

Finally went shopping with my mum (that means no more money out of my currently empty pockets) today, and I made it a must to go Lacquar. Therefore - insert 3 dot symbol - obligatory post for the new shop towards I profess my undying loyalty (I have forsaken Zara this season for everything is in tones incompatible with my skin color) 

Everytime, emphasis on everytime, I go into Lacquar there is always something for me to get. Past few trips I've only been indulging in ridiculously fun punk parties for my arm, my pocket being in an eternally shallow state of being.

Unfortunately, I now also have to save up for this basic asymmetrical cut dress (which ma mere refused to purchase). In a jest, I have erected an "ENAD Fund" - I am notorious for such ridiculous funds - Elizabeth Needs A Dress Fund. My first dress (since aged 7), how fun.

(image credits to LACQUAR @ Facebook)

Nonetheless, I walked away somewhat victorious with a white-grey blouse, and I was quite amazed at the dedication to the brand and the way they packaged my stuff. A nice paper bag - you can never go wrong with black and white - and even a specialized Lacquar sticker to tie the bag together. Major approval.

The cashier told me about their FB page and that I could stand a chance to win vouchers or something along those wavy lines - how dreamy. Nonetheless, FB page is a GODSEND. An online catalogue + online shopping. I can live in front of my screen now.

(I managed to get myself a mint bandage skirt too - this is the only pastel color I shall be going into this season) Trooping back to Lacquar soon!

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