067 - Aperçu

Sketches of the first two designs from the so-called fall collection I am supposed to be working on. It is technically supposed to be an outline (hence apercu) of the collection cause that's how I usually work - draw a few outfits and work on from there. Need to get my head back in the game.

Which also reminds me that I have to redo my logo thing sometime soon. I've basically just been stealing the signature from other JPEGs of work I've saved and resized it bigger and smaller so the clarity is pretty much crap right now.

Original intention had been to just share my drawer of suspension files (I purposely requested two filing cabinets to be installed in my room when we renovated because I really just have a lot of paper lying around) which I separated into different components. Original being those formally done up works in black ink that I usually upload, Resources are my croquis and other pieces of work I might want to work on in the future, Sketches are self explanatory, and Old Work are stuff I'd rather never see the light of day again.

Long weekend is over - darn - and there is work to be done. (Plus money to be saved)

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