069 - Elie Couture

It's going to be a full week of drawing with Mother's Day cards and birthday cards - like this one. No words can express the terrible sorrow I feel at forgetting the birthday of a good friend and I'm making up big time with an Elie Saab illustration, albeit to the best of my limited abilities. Didn't turn out as amazing as I'd hoped, but I'll make my way there.

Half tempted to draw the piece on the right, but I'm speculating she enjoys the lightness and enchantment of Saab's ridiculously embroidered pieces (halfway through the sketching process I had to stop and instagram "Elie Saab and his ridiculous embroidery"). Too much to draw!

Anyway, WIP peektures under ze cut:

Starting sketch looks nothing like the ending, but I'll make my way there.

Then it's lights off in the room and my light-table on (I had one custom built into my desk, but it seems my ID does not know the proper purposes of the light desk and didn't create a good one so I have to switch off my room lights for relative brightness), and sketching it out onto 300gsm watercolor paper!

Watercolor time (but technically old dried up poster colors + water time):

And for the (darn) embroidered flowers, I really couldn't bring myself to attempt to paint lighter shades of blues for them, and I didn't have good metallic pens, so I substituted with these glitter gel markers from the age of my primary school, and dabbed them on.

Lots of glitter.

After a few more touch-ups, done. She could probably be taller. I like my illustrated models unrealistically tall and skinny.

Au revoir.

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