070 - Chloe Darling

This post henceforth will cover Chloe Moretz's (a.k.a the new Darling of showbiz) spot-on fashion choices. 

I noticed her in 500 days of summer, but it really kicked in when I watched Kickass (aha see what I did there) and subsequently Hugo, although I am more of a fan of the former. 

Stunning, unorthodox choice of a vintage looking Emilio Pucci at the Hugo premiere in London. 

Crossing somewhere between the regions of Barbie's hair and Blair Waldorf with a slightly preppy look from Kenzo.

More fascination with lace with a Dolce and Gabbana dress and Stella McCartney lace pants (leather jacket, yum)

Personal favorite minimalist and fresh at the Calvin Klein show

More Chloe, please and thank you.

images from here

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