071 - Spacesuits

(Edit: P.S. Yes I have gotten a lot of laughter and comments over my glorious face in this glorious picture. Be careful, when the world collapses I'll be za only one surviving in glorious outer space with this glorious face!!!!)

This morning my mother walked into my room, took one look at me, and asked,

"Why are you wearing a spacesuit?"

No, this is just my ingenious idea (and face), born from Loki-Avengers broad shoulder inspiration, and a desperate attempt to fix something together with my uncooperative closet. 

Someone save me from my lack of photogenicity. Or is the word photogeny? Photogenecy? Some words need proper nouns. Staple metal tipped collar, but I was smart enough to buy it in both black AND white the moment I saw it. We call this foresight. (See, a proper noun. Is foresighting the proper verb then?) 

Intergalactic vest (also from Editors) which I think is a combination of cheap suede and pleather, is basically a tank with a really really bad cut, but I was so mesmerized by the material combination I bought it anyway. Only my second time wearing it, and I think I might have run out of ideas for it at the moment. 

Either way, I got my spacesuit, and I braved the terrible weather with it.

And even if I didn't manage to catch it with my real eyes, here's a picture of Fiona Fussi wearing a paper dress (all hail that necklace) at the Kikki.K outlet in ION today, just for reasons being, as I quote Nylon's issue this month, "because she's hot."

image from here

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