073 - NÅGOT Interlude

Lengthy pose on my interesting process, and for all ye readers' sakes, I have broken them up with appropriate headers.

Not so much an inspiration, but more of a lot of ideas collectively screaming in my head "There is enough of us to start a collection!" and a negative, but effective mindset that "I will not lose out." Quick inspiration points were: 
(1) Those gathered edges on the pants and sheer fabrics (looks 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 10 - and yes this is your cue to click for the full size picture and details) from Wonder Anatomie's showcase in BIFW 2011 
(2) Metal harnesses (looks 7, 8)
(3) Fractal multi-colored art/print inspired by this piece by Shawna Wu at the recent Raffles Runway show (which I wish I could've attended) (looks 1, 2, 3, 4)
(4) 3.1 Phillip Lim's Domina sandals sort of shoe-look (but it's so common you can't really attribute it to Phil no more, but close enough) (looks, every.)
(5) Recent obsession with white and spring pastel colors despite my inability to wear them (looks, every.)
(6) Things I wish I could find in stores now that I'd like to buy: sheer pants, gradient clothes, more sheer-opaque combis, etc, etc. (looks, every.) 

Quick focus
(A) Lazy white blazer with fractal art and pastel blue/mint pocket (alternatively any other color in this collection), gathered side hems pants 
(B) Dress with open chest in light beige and white, strapless fractal top print inside
(C) White U-cut (it's a U both on the front and the back, so you have two lengths of cloths flanking your sides) dress, metal harness
(D) White jacket with sheer white gathered side hem sleeves elbow-down, sheer white pants with white-pink gradient safety shorts. 

(Z) Funky lime green shoes, and transparent shoes (for pretty feet, or because I forgot to color them in, but both work)

It's Fashion Week! This is my pre-empt to fashion week: Mugler tomorrow! Hopefully I'll come out with buckets full of inspiration after this. 

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