074 - AFF First-Timer

Possibly the best picture I took during the Mugler show today - and if I'm not wrong, Formichetti's favorite piece out of the collection.

Someone should've told me that when the ticket says that it starts at "7.00pm", it means you wait around outside until about 7.30pm, go in, drink beverages, socialize and eat free magnums, before sitting down, waiting for VIPs, then watch a 15-minute runway show. It's not as bad as it sounds really, but yes, the show was a bit too short-lived. ): 

Quite a few more decent runway photos + video of the final walk and street style photos, but that's for another day. 

I cannot understand how everyone looks /flawless/ despite the sweltering heat. I swear my makeup was all gone before I even stepped into the tent. 

Slight oversized shoes that gave me a bit of trouble. Borrowed them from my good friend Rachel, since she had "no occasion" to wear them to, she graciously offered them to me. I shall only take this offer once. 

H&M boyfriend blazer, Editor's metal-tipped white shirt, Zara chiffon maxi skirt (I folded up the front half), Nasty Gal heels, Flea bag

Woot! Tired, and there's still school tomorrow, but it's fashion week!

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