075 - The LBD Company

Thalia za Model and Bui the Dog

I apologize in advance for the LQ photos - this was a last minute schedule decision, and while I would definitely have wanted to attend the FFN show at AFF tonight, this wasn't a bad waste of time!

Anyway, Thalia (remember you met her about 15 posts ago - she's your new online friend) told me about how she was modelling for her cousin's new online shop, so when I heard she was going today I jumped on the chance to take a look - it's a new experience. 

A cozy photo studio with Alwin, Dawn, the owner of Little Black Dress Company, and her (fat) dog Bui haha! Dinner consisted of glasses and glasses of orange juice, or chocolate milk for Thalia, Camembert cheese and crackers, and pocky. Healthy like a rabbit. 

But basically the LBD Company is a dress rental company - Thalia was modelling a LBD from RED Valentino - but they offer other non LBD dresses too despite their name haha! It's a new and fresh idea, and I hope it takes off well for them! Check out their facebook page here!

I may have spent close to 3 over hours there but it pretty much passed without me noticing. Dawn was nothing but friendly and charming, and Alwin was funny, Bui was.. slobbering over my uniform, and Thalia... was just standing there. It really takes a lot of shots before you get that "money shot", but when you do there's a little victory cheer inside the studio.

"Thalia" needs her own tag on my blog now.

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