077 - Mugler Revisited

54 posts ago I briefly covered the Mugler Fall 2012 Collection - arguably one of the most stunning avant garde collections of the season. Since there are just too many pictures from today's Parco next NEXT showcase (>400) to sort through, I figured I'd revisit and cover the Mugler show on Wednesday.

It started off with a slow walk of a row of pure white pieces, featuring the season's classic gorilla arms and amazing structure, and ends off with a row of black pieces. Nicely started, amazingly ended. 

Wasn't all monochrome though, there were pops of color like this orange (it turns out to be yellow here from overexposure), body-con and simple in nature, but take a look at those pop at the shoulders.

An all red jumpsuit with the same balled shoulders. (Cue red jumpsuit apparatus) 

One of my favorite pieces, and I'm glad I managed to get a fairly decent picture of it. A nice play of black and yellow lines for an optical illusion and I loved the use of sheer materials for the arm-pit area, and that there was still more underneath. Impossible dreams include dissecting this piece for myself.

Other notable pieces included this black dress, which you do not and cannot understand the true intensity of unless you see it in real life, and this extraterrestrial zebra (it's back!!) which has no head or tail. Can't tell where it starts and stops.

Formichetti did Mugler good with a fair share of simplistic yet edgy pieces and a pop of dresses here and there that make you do double-takes in case you were getting too comfortable with the pace of the show. Definitely makes me excited for what's coming in Spring 2013!

He forgot to receive his flowers, hence za sheepish face!

It was quite surprising the speed at which all these models just jumped out of their clothes and exited the tent (some, for a smoke). My mother keeps telling me about how she attended a fashion show years ago and how all the models were blonde and foreign, so, here's a cliched #asianpride! 

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