078 - Woman Repelling

If Leandra Medine espouses man repelling, then my brother presents to you a stunning case of woman repelling.  The typical look goes as such: Chinos with brogues, oxfords, loafers, or boat shoes, and no visible socks.

Take it one level up, roll up your pants to mid calf. Not so chino anymore.
Take it two levels up, add some primary-school-past-ankle white socks for good measure.

Chinos and socks, and socks with loafers. Perhaps we should reconsider the use of recreational socks. 

I'm planning on doing a collection with lots of visual (and physical) textures, though I haven't really set a direction yet. Topless Freja Beha whispering to me to draw a jacket on her, and I have barely clad her in a few lines. Something like a mix between leather sleeves and accents, with a rattan/wicker effect for the main bodice of the jacket. 

This brain needs to go into overdrive. 

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