079 - Parco Next NEXT!

(Blurry, but I just took a picture of whatever they projected on the screens)

Went for the Parco next NEXT show on Saturday, perhaps the most exciting of the two shows I had tickets for - ready to wear always appeals more to me, and I have to admit, my seats for this show were much better, row D, instead of row J for the Mugler show.

The organizing was quite bad though, they admitted more people than there were seats. Since I bought tickets, and the rest were invited guests or won tickets, I had priority and assigned seating, whereas the rest were free seating. In the end some people just sat along the steps on the floor.

MASH-UP was first. Quirky and fun, eyes and ears and all sorts of random drawings everywhere. I have been following them on Twitter and random articles posted here and there, (memory jogs from the 3rd panel with the chain harness-skirt, I swear they twitpic-ed it) but nothing beats the real thing. Great way to start the show, lively and exciting, and they had this adorable girl strut down the runway and glide with her heelys. I had an unhealthy obsession with those when I was younger. 

Unfortunately, being the first to showcase, my camera settings weren't tweaked right and I didn't managed to get many good front shots (then again, that's a recurring problem throughout the whole show). First panel was from the final walk, second panel, let's enjoy Sexy Sheila Sim's back (alliteration level up), and third panel, some fluttering chains in the wind.

Not too many photos from 20: TWOTHREE either, but essential very black, somewhat androgynous and intensely depressing. At this point in time I might have to agree with RockTheTrend's tweet, "are local designers depressed? so far all the dark, goth-y, moody collections and black black, more black"

Next was Mils, menswear. Really entertaining: they started out with a male (ballet?) dancer frolicking prancing around, twirling and jumping from one end of the runway to the other, utterly captivating. 

Typical looks with added quirks like half or quarter skirt additions; and a fiery red tailored cardigan look.

For the leather jacket in the first panel, I was particularly disappointed I didn't manage to get a good front shot. The jacket actually had this ragged torn leather look instead of the usual straight-cut + zip combination.  Panel 2 oddly reminds me of peplums for men, perhaps that idea is worth expanding on. (Cue ridiculously hilarious mental image of men in tight skirts and peplums. How emasculating.)

Quainthood, womenswear, and very very versatile and wearable. Even my mother, who somehow tends to believe in normal clothes (sometimes she asks me to dress like a teenager, to which I reply, "like what?", to which she then replies, "normal pants and shirts". Prosaic, mother, prosaic.) expresses approval for this label. Trust me, she kept going on about it even after the show.

Slouchy, menswear inspired looks, in neutral and poppy tones like that bright orange in the first panel. Squint your eyes a bit and we get netted cardigans in the 2nd, and dresses in the 3rd panels. 

Now obviously my camera has Asian pride - it loves Sheila Sim. Glorious high clarity pictures (relatively). Finale piece of a slouchy, multi-opacity dress. Not sure where I stand on the hanging sleeves, but the rest of the dress flows nicely enough for me.

Perhaps the brand I was looking most forward to, LION EARL didn't really disappoint nor did it leave my mouth hanging. Any collaboration between a fashion designer, an architect and a freelance designer is bound to evoke some senses and surface some creative ideas, and it did just that.

Christmas came early. Twigs and antlers as hair accessories, and as unorthodox as it sounds, a bloody ingenious idea. Perhaps I should go down to the garden and pick a few blades of grass and toss them into my hair too. I was initially attracted to their structural pieces, and throughout this collection, I still am. Barbie meets Rudolf in the hot pink ensemble in the 3rd panel. 

More structured jackets, though I am questioning the surprising and seemingly unexplained hole in the back of the pink dress. Third panel sees me stereotyping for when I see a red collared dress and a Chinese model, I think oriental and Chinese New Year. I could do with the cash.

The finale piece was extravagant though. No complaints there. An amazingly long train I couldn't hope to capture clearly on my camera, with a plunging, daring neckline. Delicious in every sense. 

Before I talk about evenodd, more menswear, I must add that I have a new found appreciation for men's fashion shows. A pleasure to the eyes. 

The show started with a troop of models wearing translucent/transparent raincoats walking briskly from one end of the runway to the other.

evenodd presented this interesting bird (if I'm not wrong) print that it featured in it's first few looks.

Foil. Bermuda. Appreciation. Picture. I cannot emphasise how much I love that metallic shine (partly also why I love Simone Rocha's Fall 2012 collection so much). Definitely one of my favorite looks for the whole parco show. Now, if I could find some good foil shorts for women. That being said,  the foil "leg-warmers" in the third panel require some consideration - we're now verging on astronautical spacesuits.

Nat Ho made a guest appearance, looking ready to launch into space. 

epiSene (should I capitalise the S this is confusing), another label I have been following on Twitter, offers terribly androgynous womenswear. 

So androgynous in fact, we have a male model (if my memory serves me correct) in the first pnael! Lots of draping of loose clothing, uber-relaxed looks.

Maximum approval for the poncho! Top 3 looks of the show, without argument. Opaque white is juxtaposed by sheer black, making it tailored and structured yet it's got its fair share of a relaxed vibe.

Very interesting and contemporary gathering locations, like the little deception going on with that dress. Is she holding it in her hands, or is it just sewn that way? 

Pauline Ning presents us a collection inspired by porcelain. 

Starts off with a dramatic blue entrance by Sheila Sim, and when the lights finally cheer up (blue - get it? Aha.), I am in love with the print on the front of the simple white dress! 

Urban young looks, and gold necklaces and jewelry were a constant throughout the show. 

A nice poppy peach leotard with an interesting neck bust line (can we afford to call this neck anymore), a mini leather peplum aw! Just joking. Comes with the sheer skirt so she doesn't look so indecent but retains all that urban girly and edginess. 

And also gives birth to the best close-up shot I got throughout the whole show. Wish I could get the actual gold detailing on the bodice, though. 

Long post, but it was such an amazing show I have nothing to complain about. I recently read someone's comment that fashion isn't fashion unless it evokes some controversy. Not so much controversy here: everything is subjective, but when you take a step back and look back at this show, everything is amazing! Breaking out of the mold, avant garde, fun, urban, wearable all into one show. 

And I got a $10 voucher out of it too HAHA! Technically 2, since mother has one as well. And perhaps since she's shown such favor towards quainthood, I can troop down to Parco sometime soon and get myself a little something something. 

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