080 - Whitening Mints

Weather's been too hot - not that wearing a white long-sleeved shirt helped any more, but since it's spring I reckon the black in my closet needs to take a break. (Just for Saturday's AFF Parco next NEXT show.)

Short skirts, bandage skirts, are seriously not my thing. I have never particularly espoused any type of skirt (save maxis) despite the arguments that they are a) nice, b) airy, c) other inapplicable logic and reasoning. Arguments against skirts however, come in one main form: they are inconvenient in public (also endearingly known as PPF - Possible panty flash)

I've been wanting a spike necklace like my bracelet for quite some time, but I just couldn't find a nice enough one worth spending moolah on, so I got cheap. Attached my bracelet to another bracelet and wore it as a necklace. I epitomize cost/wear ratios. 

Lacquar necklace and blouse, Cotton On mint bandage skirt, ASOS perspex green-orange clutch, Mango beige suede court shoes.

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