081 - Style rants

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Let's take a pensive moment at stare at Roland Mouret's slightly crinkled, concentrating, part-disbelief face. Now, he's probably thinking something along the lines of,

"You do not wear the wrong shorts with flip flops and walk around in St. Regis."

Long story amazingly short: Mouret does not approve of Singaporean's terrible flip flop fashion unconscious dressing easily excused by our horrid weather conditions. Something which I agree with, although we do need to have our off days - some mornings you just wake up and you're filled with this overwhelming feeling that you really, really hate the world. And Singapore's weather. 

Either way, flip flops are only highly justified on 3 occasions: a) to the neighborhood or the market (in other words, you are in "home clothes"); b) to play wet games; c) to the beach - because not everyone ties dandy ribbons to their feet like H&M advertisements sublimely exhort you to.

And while people may find Mouret's criticism harsh, take a point from the article and Mouret's own words, 'That's the reality of fashion, we're covering our face with our clothes and we're creating a way to talk with our clothes.' While I will continuously lament about how the heat makes Singaporeans not want to layer (but somehow still manage to wear jeans - such a paradox really), the point here is also the lack of awareness. You're in St. Regis. Unless you own the hotel, do not wear flip flops. (Then again I would surmise that the owner wouldn't be caught dead in flip flops either.) 

On a side note, finding it funny that the article mentioned our "obsession" with Havaianas, and BLUEPRINT was giving out limited edition pairs during their emporium. (Teehee.)

Nonetheless, let us engage in some more tolerable street style I spotted before and after the Parco next NEXT! AFF show last Saturday!

Givenchy Pandora (or a near cousin of it, I can't really tell the difference.)

Cat print, bejeweled heels. Hm.

Love the sheer neon underlay. 

Hey look! Shorts (or berms, depending on how you look at it), with, not flip flops, but brogues! You get a thumbs up in Roland Mouret's book, jolly man.

Rad hair and rad jacket.

Harness from OS Accessories, where there are things I must get. Must. Save. Money. (MSM should be a new life motto.)

Because every respectable blog post must end with pictures of fine male specimens.

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