082 - Future Fashion Now

My issue of Female came in the mail today, and along with it a booklet about FFN, so I figured it was fitting that I'd cover it anyway. Fate dictated that I was not to go for the FFN shows, and I only managed to catch the Mae Pang, Max Tan and Dzojchen show on the live feed.

Essentially, Future Fashion Now works on a trunkshow basis (think Moda Operandi): watch the show, go online with your iPad, and preorder it (for a limited time) with your shiny credit card. Nonetheless, here are my top picks!

Esther Perhandt: In a nutshell, deconstructed, depressing looks. The weave on the blue dress is particularly interesting though.

Timo Weiland: Glorious, glorious prints galore. The hint of sportswear on the left panel, and the daring, unexpected mix of neon lace on the right.

Yeojin Bae: Clean silhouettes, flirty prints.

Jonathan Simkhai: Definitely to be watched! Where masculine meets feminine, with hints of flirty and light,  sportswear, and some amazing prints.

Juma: Up to now, we've seen plenty of prints. But if anyone is going to go home with the consolation that they stood out in the sea of prints, it's Juma. 

Mae Pang: A bit tomboyish, a bit sheer, a bit athletic, parts form to make a whole lot of amazing looks and a brilliant collection. Thumbs thumbs thumbs up.

Dzojchen: A tad monotonous when your whole collection is leather and black. Nonetheless, a leather cape would be an amazing addition (Alliteration Pro) to any closet!

Max Tan: in an alternate dimension to Dzojchen, Max Tan was light, airy, and stunning. Circular sleeve silhouette in the right panel is a major mind blown! 100% approval stamped.

If I have to say, I think Mae Pang, Max Tan and Timo Weiland presented the best collections. Two-thirds Singaporean pride!

runway images from AFF @ Facebook

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