083 - Den Unga

(Or, as Google translate loosely tells me, The Young.)

I bought the 9th issue of Surface (Asia) magazine today, 90% because I was so enchanted by the several pages they had on young and upcoming fashion talents. We all love Louis Vuitton, Prabal Gurung, Proenza, bla bla you name it - all these big names who make it to Fashion Week every year.

But possibly, what excites me the most, will be all these bubbling young designers. I doubt I'll have the luxury of wearing any of these pieces anytime soon, but I always get this excited feeling when I discover new and more young designers. Amazing designs (you'd be surprised how many ideas there are in this world) that just spur me on in my own work: I don't want to lose out. Young designers don't have the liberty like all those big names to create fancy showpieces or depend on their brand. They've got to build it up from scratch, and there's so much consideration for the consumer but also the need to display their individual sense of design. There's so much talent in the world, and maybe mine might not be comparable right now, but if I work hard, perhaps someday! Positive competition. 

I guess this could be a follow up to the previous post about FFN at Audi Fashion Festival, but I'm going to start tagging all these posts where I explore all these new designers as "talent", in a bid to encourage myself and widen my horizons!

Chi Yuen Shoes. Amazing bridge between functionality and creativity, without losing out in either category. These shoes make you covet them, but not just for show, but to actually wearing. They don't look overly impractical (cough Alexander McQueen), but there's just so much innovation in them!

Somewhere between New York, Singapore, and Indonesia, we get Koonhor. Honestly, a new personal favorite. Polished and sophisticated, everything a woman needs, and should have in her closet. Versatile and timeless.

A goddess of structure, N. Palasak creates the most amazing folds in her clothing. You don't need prints or varying opacity or anything of that sort to stun. All you need is one of these mind blowing origami-like pieces.

My body tremors with excitement and my hand itches to draw something.

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