084 - Square bottoms

Captioned: "I wish square bottoms were practical."

Someone needs to award me a prize because this is the first time I'm wearing a dress since 2848 days ago (which, for untrained minds, roughly translates into 8 years). The only dress I've been particularly wanting to wear is the stretchy cotton kind, and when I passed by the sale at m)phosis yesterday I couldn't help but snatch up this maxi which was at 50% discount.

It's sleeveless though, and even though the weather is unforgiving, I still buttoned up a blazer, tossed on some wedges and went out. Fully covered, wonderfully decent.

(Uncontrollable facial muscles today.) 

Ah, I forgot to take pictures of Thalia. Damn, and she's such a popular topic on this blog. (Ufu.)

M)phosis Maxi dress; ASOS and Lacquar accessories; G2000 blazer, Thrifted bag, Far East boots.

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