085 - Doodling Nothings

Boring talks essentially see me doodling random ideas. I surmise that doodling nothings and hopefully ending up somewhere will always be better than ensconcing in your thinking chair and waiting for a ground breaking inspiration to hit you. 

On the left, color palette that reminds me of Rodarte-Meets-Van-Gogh S/S 2012 Starry Night contraption, something like a knitted collar marrying structured blazers. Circles and circles of ribbons or stripes make up the sleeves in the top one, but it gets funkier in the bottom layer. I recently stumbled upon a picture of a blazer that had a form of indentation, and since I cannot wrap my mind around how it's done, my answer to that is using a transparent panel and an inner lining to sort of project the apparent indentation. 

Meet Mrs Geometry on the right. My obsession with the word (and the concept of) peplum (pe-plum sounds much better than pep-lum) doodles up this geometric top, accompanied by a box vest with folded collars. I must ask, where are all the decent box-vests? I've been hunting high and low for quite some time.

And lastly, the surge of Issey Miyake Bao Bao bags I saw at AFF and the fact that I pass by it's window at Isetan every week led me to think, wouldn't it be fun to have a shirt that works on the same concept? So I present to you, my very deplorably drawn, Bao Bao tank top. 

I embody "messy" in much I do.

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