086 - Argentum

the fancy latin name for silver.

I remember being ridiculously obsessed with gold last year, and I was so miffed I couldn't find a good gold collar necklace until suddenly it exploded and appeared everywhere in Spring. However, my closet needs to take a shift towards silver. Gold with black is nice, so is gold with white, but who can deny the lustrous allure of silver with white? This also leaves me in the terrible position of putting away all my gold statement necklaces and having to pursue good silver ones in the market.

I flipped when I saw this Theyskens' Theory metallic textured leather skirt while browsing my favorite remind-yourself-you-cannot-afford-these-clothes website, Net a Porter. I cannot recall how many times I have mentioned my infatuation with Simone Rocha's Fall 2012 collection and the burning desire it has created for me to own some foil or metallic-textured pieces. Now, if someone could begin to sell silver shorts at a decent price.. 

Other beautiful space-suit like accessories include Karl metallic leather wedge sandals, making you feel like a real spacewoman since 2012. For those who seek to destroy asteroids in their path, spiked metallic Louboutin pumps. And Miuccia will bestow you with a leather clutch to bring home all those little bits of rocks and alien souvenirs. 

From my house's cheerleading team, silver nails should make a comeback and if everything else goes awry and you're either a) lacking cash or b) unable to find good silver friends for your appendages, then use an aluminium foil and bake your skin in the sun. 

Silver makes you look so precious. (aha, precious metal?)

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