088 - Reptile Eyes

I finally got new shoes! I've been hunting around for a good pair, and although these aren't staple shoes I was looking for (since my platforms are disintegrating), I couldn't resist getting them the moment I saw them! 

Like little, black-eyed reptiles staring at you. They'll pair with the snakeskin-print H&M envelope clutch I have, and now I'm rethinking passing on those gray snakeskin-print shorts from Mango. Perhaps I shall return and buy them, and then create the ultimate reptilian ensemble.

I scoured high and low in Orchard Road today, since it apparently is the GSS, but all the sales were pretty horrid. There was nothing much to buy, and for ridiculous reason there seemed to be an absurd amount of dresses on sale. So, yes, I was in a pretty sour mood when we left Orchard until I convinced my mother to drive to Iluma (now known as Bugis+) to check out Lacquar's new outlet!

Photos from Lacquar's FB

Much larger than their Far East outlet, and they even carry menswear now! I managed to snag these shoes and that black blouse on display, and I'm pretty sure I'll be returning soon.

Do check it out, they're having 10% discount to celebrate their opening, and while we were paying, the cashier told me that I could collect the receipts and when I spent up to $500, I could get a lifetime membership that entitled me to 10% discounts regularly and 20% in my birthday month. Challenge Accepted. (Now if I can only spend $500 by the end of this month so I can enjoy those birthday benefits in July. Damn.)

On a side note, when my brother saw the Lacquar paper bag, he went, 
"What's this? You bought so much nail polish?"

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