110 - Outerwear needs (Teaser)


I've been having a whole mess of inspirations lately, from the Lasalle Graduate Fashion Show, to using rich visual textured fabrics, to chic sportswear from ASOS x University of Westminster, to structured pieces, to the heavy minimalism of Heohwan Simulation. In essence, that is my inspiration for this collection, or perhaps, design dump.

15 different outerwear designs spanning 5 different inspirations/prompts, with 3 designs each. Perhaps some may strike as a little conventional, or lacking in the unique department, but I needed to hash out a few drawings and play with not just originality but practicality. I vouch, I want at least one piece from each mini collection in my closet.

109 - Resort 2013: (Men) In Black

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Elizabeth and James; Maison Martin Margiela; Vionnet; Alexander McQueen; Costume National

Perhaps it is my affinity with blazers and suits and the like, but I noticed many (but perhaps not enough) collections have dedicated at least one look towards the joyous creation that is the black suit, with a few quirky additions for some. Fifth panel, Costume National's black suit plus hat giving me a totally neo-noir feel.

Donna Karen; Givenchy; Roberto Cavalli; Moschino; Theyskens' Theory

The Givenchy collection this season has also done the impossible - taken the most ridiculous and messy prints and matching them effortlessly. 

Versace; Stella McCartney; The Row; Marni; Vena Cava

Va-va-voom, blazers and all black outfits, 100% prepared.

all images from Style.com

108 - Quaint-essential

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A friend dropped me a link to Azumi and David's online shop yesterday, opening my eyes to the world of quirky, yet perhaps, perfect, bags. 

Cut your shirt into half, sew a large inner pocket, and you essentially get A 'N' D's shirt cotton bag - I have to admit I'm quite excited about this piece, despite it's impracticality and oddball-ness. Come on, layering piece and bag all in one! The Jumbo pocket bag is really cute, though my common sense is telling me £215.84 for it, even with the leather material, ain't cutting it. 

What is actually termed their "downside up bag", is actually a two-way bag. I can't begin to decide which side is up and which is down, but this will appeal to anyone's cost/wear ratios. As long as you're willing to survive a few odd looks. And perhaps their funniest creation: the shoebag. Not so much the shoebag you toss your dirty sneakers in, but a literal shoe+bag. Here we have the infamous heel kelly bag, I can't control my laughter. Thumbs up, A 'N' D! 

And a funny conversation with my dearest of friends who doesn't understand fashion, when I showed her a picture of a clutch I was planning to buy: "What would you put inside?" "What do you mean what would you put inside? It's a bag!" "But how about your water bottle! Or a book!"

Ah, the things we give up.

107 - Shining Armor

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Finally pulled this silver chain mail-like pullover out of my closet today. I managed to snag the last piece from Editor's Market a few weeks back, on the deluded premise that I would find more ways than one (being this) to wear it. Add on a breastplate and switch out my clutch for a sword, I'd be armed and gloriously ready for a war against the Romans. I will blind them with my light. I will sparkle like Edward Cullen in the sun. 
On the matter of photos and outfits, meet Pachel Rachel, another one of your new online friends, and another one of my tall, skinny, model-like friends (damn). Fingers crossed she'll turn up in something exciting next week.

On me: Editor's silver pullover; Editor's white metal-tipped collar shirt; Giordano shorts; H&M sandals; H&M clutch
On Rachel: Topshop tank; TOMS shoes; ASOS shoulder bag

106 - Lust List

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I take a moment to recall my hopeless status as a student then realize if that even affording a good (good in this case being - 1) leather, and 2) from a brand I like) pouch to hold my essentials will require a large sacrifice in my daily nourishment schedule. See above a) Prisma flat pouch in black calf, $283; and b) Prisma pouchette in black pebble, $271. 

In my mind, I like to justify the ridiculous need to spend good money on a simple black, leather pouch because I reckon it should last me forever. I always need one to carry my essential cards, some cash, my phone and my earphones when I'm moving about school or when I'm going out for a quickie. 1st generation saw a PVC Mango pouch degenerate, and 2nd generation is seeing my panda (yes) pouch crumble. 

On the issue of lust lists, 4 bags that constantly make me lament my lack of spare (not so spare, in this case) cash. Givenchy's Antigona in mirror silver, which I hold to dedicated belief is the best color out of all the random mixes they've made (see here: black with neon lime for the trendy); 3.1 Phillip Lim's 31 hour bag; Prada's Galleria, in a variety of sizes, but I'm quite particular to the smaller ones with shoulder straps; and Alexander Wang's Emile with slits. 

I revel in the fact that my choices are all subconsciously monochromatic. 

105 - Lucite Ombre

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You are excused for a moment to celebrate the existence of these lovely pumps from Mango Touch (which has opened a boutique in Bugis+, formerly known as Iluma). That classic lovely shade of beige which blends into your skin, and you get the best of both worlds - a lucite heel, PLUS the slight ombre fad that's been going around. 2 trends with 1 credit card swipe. Unfortunately, it seems like these aren't available in Singapore. (Adding a hopeful, "yet.") MANGO Touch Suede pumps; $189, see here

104 - Spiderweb

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“I'm not a beautiful woman. I'm nothing to look at, so the only thing I can do is dress better than anyone else." - Wallis Simpson 

This is one of those articles of clothing I found especially fun and unique but I always get comments like "What is this?" Wallis Simpson's quote sums up in two lines my sentiments. Not dressing better than anyone else, but dressing different. 

Love the webbed threads and the fact that it goes all the way to my calves. 

Lacquar top; Cotton On bandage skirt; Monorain bag; H&M sandals

103 - Alacrity

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I'm not sure if this can be counted as one of my "talent" (see here) posts, but I will categorize it under there nonetheless. I decided to actually check out the other brands that showcased at Blueprint this year (online), and by (the fashion) gods, my eyes are leaking with appreciation.

Case in point 1: TOTON, an Indonesian label that seeks to "provide an answer to the modern women’s need of individual style." The official site only presents to me this short, pre-spring collection, but that is glorious enough it in entire being. Unique cuts and silhouettes meet lush fabrics and intricate detailing that underlies its traditional roots. (P.s. look at those amazing knee-high heels)

The embroidery might play out a bit traditional but in the end it still pulls together such a modern, high fashion look. And what did you say? Studded detachable collars? Get out. You need some seashells and golden globes if you're going to impress anyone.

If stumbling across TOTON's page last night had me hyperventilating, then HEOHWAN Simulation's S/S 2012 had me out of breath. Delightfully avant garde and partly minimalist, the fashion-forward oversized silhouettes gave me a hard time choosing looks to feature. 

His fall collection however, alluded more to CELINE's kind of clean-cut mature fashion. Suede and leather panelling and generally shapeless garments made the cut - definitely less heart-throbbing than its spring counterpart but gorgeous nonetheless.

Makes me kind of wish I had set aside some time to amble my way down to BLUEPRINT earlier this year.

all images from TOTON and HEOHWAN Simulation's official sites

102 - Of the Opposite Gender

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Men's fashion shows are such a blast to watch. And since conventionally there are, perhaps, greater 'invisible' boundaries about the sartorial choices of men, sometimes designers surprise you with wacky, out-of-the-world looks that challenge the norm.

Translucent jackets are trendy - you are not allowed to argue with that assertion, or Christopher Raeburn for that matter. Christopher Shannon gives lots of stripes and wacky colors, and he probably didn't feel like wasting all that scrap cloth so he decided to glue it together to recycle accessories. (P.s. flashback to your kid days when you were watching Hi-Five and there was this annoying purple retard named Jup Jup who kept stealing things? Damn, he's made his comeback) This is also the collection that brought you this flowery boy captured by Tommy Ton.

Roland Mouret would simply be in a fit over this look from E. Tautz. "How dare you disgrace the art of fine suits and tailoring with flip flops!"

From James Long I see pullovers paired with high socks paired wide-flared berms that could pass off as culottes, or worse yet, kilts. Remember James McAvoy in a kilt? Striking resemblance here. And I love this tuck-your-tie-halfway-down-your-shirt trend by Margaret Howell that I first saw on La Mode Outre. Sibling's plush headpiece comes close to a bird exploding in your face - or one of those pom poms you make from yarn. Just a lot bigger.

all images from Style.com

101 - Wet Feet

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From the left: Body con dress; tank with shorts; t-shirt and skirt; body con dress; translucent jacket; day dress; t-shirt and skirt with slits; translucent jacket and maxi dress with slits.

If it isn't obvious enough already, I will repeat, wet feet was my starting inspiration point. I was dipping my legs merrily into the pool and I thought I could do something with a skin and pool color scheme. The rectangle schemes came in when I decided to use "infinity pools" as another inspiration point. 

Recently it has come to my attention that my coloring is very weak, I tend to envision the design first then force fit colors in. So for all it's worth, I left the B&W sketches in as well.


100 - Hundred it is

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It's the big hundred! I was originally planning special, but I couldn't think of anything. Watched Prometheus with Thalia today (note: Michael Fassbender is the only reason why I sat through that psychotic sci-fi film), and we took shots at the most bare-walled place we could find. The MRT.

Bad-angle photo taken by Thalia but I will have to make do. I was pretty psyched to get these pair of shorts at the Mango sale yesterday. I originally wanted to get them about 2 weeks ago (incidentally this is when I bought this pair of shoes) but never got round to it, so when I saw it was on sale it was an easy grab-and-go. 

I guess Thalia can be the special surprise for the 100th post. Thalia is well-loved on this blog.

And I will continue to surprise you with how ridiculous my inspirations can be. See above - wet feet. I went for a barbecue yesterday and while I was cooling off, dipping my legs into the pool, and bam! Magic.

On me: Lacquar blouse; Mango shorts; Lacquar shoes; Lacquar bracelet (as necklace); Flea bag
On Thalia: clothes. 

099 - Shades of Pink

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Thalia would be proud of me. I'm wearing more than my usual maximum of one colored piece of clothing, and even more than my usual blast of monochrome outfits. 

I've taken to letting this H&M blazer sit on my shoulders rather than wearing it conventionally ever since I did it for the AFF show this year. It's pretty baggy and loose, making me look ridiculously old, but it does wonders as a shoulder layering piece.

H&M pink boyfriend blazer; Editor's Market black metal-tipped shirt; Cotton On maroon bandage midi skirt; Far East wedges; Diva gold collar necklace; Flea bag

098 - Resort 2013: Part III

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Quick highlights and favorites from labels that showcased yesterday which I won't be doing full coverage/commentary for! Love the sickly sweet Stella McCartney knitted sweater on the left, lovely leather shirt with an oriental twist from Barbara Bui, and a lovely structural dress with a paisley bohemian print from Carven.

I mean, when does panties and box blazers not make for a bombing sartorial statement? A black dress that accidentally went through the hole puncher one too many times, and a lovely playsuit enhanced by the darling of chic fashion - digital prints - from Cynthia Rowley.

When I saw that gown, I thought, "hey, its a red velvet cake with stripes of white icing!" Delish. Using the same print for a whole dress but playing with opacities makes it refreshing, and interesting necklines from Carolina Herrera. 

I wasn't too fond of the separates in Matthew Williamson's collection, but the dresses got me looked. I love the panelling, and the little embellishments that give the dress a bit of luxury. And as per usual, Missoni is a veteran in the art of mixing prints. I loved the gradient print, but that dress with alternating gradient panels has got me ensnared. It's running for best look of Resort 2013.

all images from Style.com

097 - Resort 2013: Part II

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Resort 2013's been getting me pumped up, especially since most of my favorite labels have released their press collections. 3.1 Phillip Lim, Celine, and Proenza Schouler. Delightful shivers.

3.1 Phillip Lim: It's definitely not as clean as his previous collections, but its still got his own charm. A bit of utility, a bit of vacation, a bit of floral, and a bit of staying at home. I love how well that mint blue goes with the beige trench  for a chic pop of color, and I'm beginning to get curious about the bright orange "shopping" bag with black edges.

Leather overalls so you don't look like a country bumpkin; beautifully tailored leather pants; and map prints. The last piece got me clawing at the screen: Just a full body piece of horizontal lines, interrupted by just that bouquet of flowers.

Phoebe Philo didn't bring anything too new, but she definitely kept everything I love about Celine. Classic silhouettes and pieces rendered in majestic blues and deep oranges, a touch of leopard print for a surprise, and the deep brown coat caught my attention with the interrupting zips.

Scarf prints hidden under a veil of sheer white, and are those semi-transparent mules and boots I see? The new Celine bag seems a bit.. cumbersome. It's a clutch on massive steroids, and if it doesn't come with a strap, it'd be pretty hard to handle. The paneled pants are probably the new Celine "it" bag though.

Still as up-town chic as ever, Proenza Schouler. Tweed makes a come back, but they've kept it interesting with the design. Clutches are everywhere in this collection, but I was pretty much ensnared with the metallic silver clutch in the first look to even notice any other in the rest of the collection. 

Blues, blacks and whites make for an easy combo.

all images from Style.com

096 - University of Westminster x ASOS

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Design students at the University of Westminster had the chance to create 10 capsule collections for sale at the ASOS marketplace, starting from June 1. Students were made to do the whole mumba-jumba - the marketing, the lookbook, ... - and each collection is targeted at different markets, creating 10 very unique and appealing collections for anyone and everyone. And judging by the few collections that are already up, it looks intensely promising!

I'm particularly fond of the brand above called haus, where they have really shape-less, androgynous,  minimalistic clothing. Everything I like in a good piece of clothing. Lots of paneling, with a hint of sportiness here and there. The Marli dress retails at £65; the Marli T-shirt at £50; and the Otti pants at £80. Although they should really tell me where to get those gorgeous white wedges as well.

Another brand that caught my eye was fawn, which seems to be a mix of vintage, floral, and just a bit girly. The lookbook pictures are stunning, I feel like it's a collection with an ode to Mother Earth. The net overlay skirt, the piece that really caught my eye, retails at £110 (bracket ouch); the silk embellished top at £70; and the very unique, beyond plunging neckline dropped hem dress at £140. Ode to Mother Earth friends, even your paper money is ode-ing to its parent trees. 

Laevo & Dextro is sport made for the city-chic girl. Traditionally sporty designers and silhouettes mixed with floral and brain-scrambling chiffon prints - comfort and chic all in one package. The printed chiffon jacket retails at £200; the printed chiffon dress with hood (under the jacket) at £150; and the digital print dress jacket at £240. I guess this could just be a really expensive gym membership.

I might try ordering something from haus, once my wallet thickens up a bit.

095 - Snake on the beach

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Finally got my leatherette and cotton blouse from The Scarlet Room (which you can get here, or incidentally, Lacquar and a few other shops), and decided to toss it on with my tropical print shorts before summer is over.

I've always wondered how trends and personal style interplay when ironical quotes are forever being tossed around about how one should be stylish, or one should embody their personal style, or one shouldn't be affected by trends and so on so forth. I take the view that you nitpick at trends and fuse them into your own style, and streetstyle has never been particularly trendy. The connection is blurry. Or perhaps trends are just there for designers to have something in common to work with.

Clashing prints. Chic snake meets beach girl.

The Scarlet Room top; Stradivarius shorts; H&M clutch, The Editor's Market necklace; Zara brogues

094 - Resort 2013: Part I

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It slipped my mind that the resort shows were out, and I was meaning to cover Lanvin's Resort show until I saw Monique Lhullier's backstage photos on my newsfeed as well.

Alber Elbaz did a stunning and wearable collection for Lanvin, and it's got just about everything. From stripes, to solids, to prints; from monochrome, to nudes, to vibrant colors, and even gold and silver; from clothes, to shoes, to bags, to accessories. 

Peplums, visors, wedges (especially that remarkable transparent wedge in the 3rd image), heavy accessories, and full-body foil ensembles. The latter making me reconsider the "wearability" of this collection, but we always make allowances for spacesuits here on this blog.

If you put a picture of Monique Lhullier's Fall collection next to this one, you literally get black and white. It's a great escape from the dark and somber undertones of the previously collection, coming back with the full force of neon prints, lime greens, lemon yellows and fresh palettes; although Lhullier has reused her signature leather corset belts. 

A particularly no-frills collection, it comes without additional sequins and extras, unlike the fall collection which was much more elaborate. Clean silhouettes and flirty looks pull together an amazing collection for Resort 2013.

all images from Style.com