089 - Black Beaches

Didn't manage to take an outdoor shot today, so by the time I got home around 5 the lighting was pretty bad = major Photoshop issues that result in such grainy images. (Still lacking supremacy over my facial muscles)

I got this cape (not really a blazer since there are no sleeves) from the very first time I ordered from Gmarket, and I was so conflicted over whether I should purchase it since it was over $60 and I didn't want to take the risk. Came out fine though, and the quality is not bad, in fact.

Tropical prints are everywhere but I couldn't find a nice, affordable piece (considering the short lifespan of prints) until I stumbled upon this one from Stradivarius. Really comfortable and stretchy, although my dad asked me if it were swimming shorts...

Editor's Market t-shirt; Korea cape, Stradivarius shorts

 And an extra blooper, since apparently so many of my friends were "humored" by the spaceship pose, although I have to admit this one went a lot worse.


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