090 - Cold Blooded

Took my new Lacquar shoes out on a spin today, and I was surprised how well they matched with my snakeskin-print H&M envelope clutch. Stunning.

Looking like a man today. I haven't worn berms in a long time. At this point of time I'd also like to ramble about my not-so-recent recurring train of thought about whether fashion is always biased towards slim or nicely figured women. Not making generalizations, but majority of street style (especially Tommy Ton and the like) are of slim women, or is it just that the fashion industry is filled with people like that? Hm. I'm not fat, but neither am I in the optimal shape, except my innate lizziness laziness is a more dominant trait.

This metal-tipped collar shirt is honestly one of my staples, and I was quite devastated when I got an ink stain on it this morning. Damn.

Editor's Market collar shirt; Mango bermudas; Lacquar shoes and bracelet (worn as necklace); H&M clutch

10 posts away from the big hundred.

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