092 - Sheer x3

By-product of Illustrator effects produced in Photoshop with lines and the warp tool.
(P.s. if it's too small you can always shift that move over and press a button.)

I wasn't really in the mood for redesigning a collection, and I figured I might as well redo the Sheer x3 collection into this format since it's usually reserved for more ready-to-wear, functional pieces rather than exploring and having fun. The blue-ish and red areas are all sheer fabric.

The interesting twists on the pants and the skirts is actually came to me when I was watching Bleach, so I guess it's a Japanese hakama take on the traditional waistline. And really, that exploding sheer dress was just inspired by the oldy times high waisted, big skirt dresses. For that, it came to me when I saw a classic drawing of a lady in those dresses on a bus advertisement. 

I tweaked the first dress design from the original because it just didn't suit the overall structural feel of this quick collection, plus I didn't have any other mullet skirts. Personally, I like the long-sleeve collared shirt. Would buy it in a heartbeat if I saw it in real life. 

If my currently empty wallet allowed, of course.

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