095 - Snake on the beach

Finally got my leatherette and cotton blouse from The Scarlet Room (which you can get here, or incidentally, Lacquar and a few other shops), and decided to toss it on with my tropical print shorts before summer is over.

I've always wondered how trends and personal style interplay when ironical quotes are forever being tossed around about how one should be stylish, or one should embody their personal style, or one shouldn't be affected by trends and so on so forth. I take the view that you nitpick at trends and fuse them into your own style, and streetstyle has never been particularly trendy. The connection is blurry. Or perhaps trends are just there for designers to have something in common to work with.

Clashing prints. Chic snake meets beach girl.

The Scarlet Room top; Stradivarius shorts; H&M clutch, The Editor's Market necklace; Zara brogues

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