097 - Resort 2013: Part II

Resort 2013's been getting me pumped up, especially since most of my favorite labels have released their press collections. 3.1 Phillip Lim, Celine, and Proenza Schouler. Delightful shivers.

3.1 Phillip Lim: It's definitely not as clean as his previous collections, but its still got his own charm. A bit of utility, a bit of vacation, a bit of floral, and a bit of staying at home. I love how well that mint blue goes with the beige trench  for a chic pop of color, and I'm beginning to get curious about the bright orange "shopping" bag with black edges.

Leather overalls so you don't look like a country bumpkin; beautifully tailored leather pants; and map prints. The last piece got me clawing at the screen: Just a full body piece of horizontal lines, interrupted by just that bouquet of flowers.

Phoebe Philo didn't bring anything too new, but she definitely kept everything I love about Celine. Classic silhouettes and pieces rendered in majestic blues and deep oranges, a touch of leopard print for a surprise, and the deep brown coat caught my attention with the interrupting zips.

Scarf prints hidden under a veil of sheer white, and are those semi-transparent mules and boots I see? The new Celine bag seems a bit.. cumbersome. It's a clutch on massive steroids, and if it doesn't come with a strap, it'd be pretty hard to handle. The paneled pants are probably the new Celine "it" bag though.

Still as up-town chic as ever, Proenza Schouler. Tweed makes a come back, but they've kept it interesting with the design. Clutches are everywhere in this collection, but I was pretty much ensnared with the metallic silver clutch in the first look to even notice any other in the rest of the collection. 

Blues, blacks and whites make for an easy combo.

all images from Style.com

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