098 - Resort 2013: Part III

Quick highlights and favorites from labels that showcased yesterday which I won't be doing full coverage/commentary for! Love the sickly sweet Stella McCartney knitted sweater on the left, lovely leather shirt with an oriental twist from Barbara Bui, and a lovely structural dress with a paisley bohemian print from Carven.

I mean, when does panties and box blazers not make for a bombing sartorial statement? A black dress that accidentally went through the hole puncher one too many times, and a lovely playsuit enhanced by the darling of chic fashion - digital prints - from Cynthia Rowley.

When I saw that gown, I thought, "hey, its a red velvet cake with stripes of white icing!" Delish. Using the same print for a whole dress but playing with opacities makes it refreshing, and interesting necklines from Carolina Herrera. 

I wasn't too fond of the separates in Matthew Williamson's collection, but the dresses got me looked. I love the panelling, and the little embellishments that give the dress a bit of luxury. And as per usual, Missoni is a veteran in the art of mixing prints. I loved the gradient print, but that dress with alternating gradient panels has got me ensnared. It's running for best look of Resort 2013.

all images from Style.com

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