100 - Hundred it is

It's the big hundred! I was originally planning special, but I couldn't think of anything. Watched Prometheus with Thalia today (note: Michael Fassbender is the only reason why I sat through that psychotic sci-fi film), and we took shots at the most bare-walled place we could find. The MRT.

Bad-angle photo taken by Thalia but I will have to make do. I was pretty psyched to get these pair of shorts at the Mango sale yesterday. I originally wanted to get them about 2 weeks ago (incidentally this is when I bought this pair of shoes) but never got round to it, so when I saw it was on sale it was an easy grab-and-go. 

I guess Thalia can be the special surprise for the 100th post. Thalia is well-loved on this blog.

And I will continue to surprise you with how ridiculous my inspirations can be. See above - wet feet. I went for a barbecue yesterday and while I was cooling off, dipping my legs into the pool, and bam! Magic.

On me: Lacquar blouse; Mango shorts; Lacquar shoes; Lacquar bracelet (as necklace); Flea bag
On Thalia: clothes. 

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