102 - Of the Opposite Gender

Men's fashion shows are such a blast to watch. And since conventionally there are, perhaps, greater 'invisible' boundaries about the sartorial choices of men, sometimes designers surprise you with wacky, out-of-the-world looks that challenge the norm.

Translucent jackets are trendy - you are not allowed to argue with that assertion, or Christopher Raeburn for that matter. Christopher Shannon gives lots of stripes and wacky colors, and he probably didn't feel like wasting all that scrap cloth so he decided to glue it together to recycle accessories. (P.s. flashback to your kid days when you were watching Hi-Five and there was this annoying purple retard named Jup Jup who kept stealing things? Damn, he's made his comeback) This is also the collection that brought you this flowery boy captured by Tommy Ton.

Roland Mouret would simply be in a fit over this look from E. Tautz. "How dare you disgrace the art of fine suits and tailoring with flip flops!"

From James Long I see pullovers paired with high socks paired wide-flared berms that could pass off as culottes, or worse yet, kilts. Remember James McAvoy in a kilt? Striking resemblance here. And I love this tuck-your-tie-halfway-down-your-shirt trend by Margaret Howell that I first saw on La Mode Outre. Sibling's plush headpiece comes close to a bird exploding in your face - or one of those pom poms you make from yarn. Just a lot bigger.

all images from Style.com

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