103 - Alacrity

I'm not sure if this can be counted as one of my "talent" (see here) posts, but I will categorize it under there nonetheless. I decided to actually check out the other brands that showcased at Blueprint this year (online), and by (the fashion) gods, my eyes are leaking with appreciation.

Case in point 1: TOTON, an Indonesian label that seeks to "provide an answer to the modern women’s need of individual style." The official site only presents to me this short, pre-spring collection, but that is glorious enough it in entire being. Unique cuts and silhouettes meet lush fabrics and intricate detailing that underlies its traditional roots. (P.s. look at those amazing knee-high heels)

The embroidery might play out a bit traditional but in the end it still pulls together such a modern, high fashion look. And what did you say? Studded detachable collars? Get out. You need some seashells and golden globes if you're going to impress anyone.

If stumbling across TOTON's page last night had me hyperventilating, then HEOHWAN Simulation's S/S 2012 had me out of breath. Delightfully avant garde and partly minimalist, the fashion-forward oversized silhouettes gave me a hard time choosing looks to feature. 

His fall collection however, alluded more to CELINE's kind of clean-cut mature fashion. Suede and leather panelling and generally shapeless garments made the cut - definitely less heart-throbbing than its spring counterpart but gorgeous nonetheless.

Makes me kind of wish I had set aside some time to amble my way down to BLUEPRINT earlier this year.

all images from TOTON and HEOHWAN Simulation's official sites

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