106 - Lust List

I take a moment to recall my hopeless status as a student then realize if that even affording a good (good in this case being - 1) leather, and 2) from a brand I like) pouch to hold my essentials will require a large sacrifice in my daily nourishment schedule. See above a) Prisma flat pouch in black calf, $283; and b) Prisma pouchette in black pebble, $271. 

In my mind, I like to justify the ridiculous need to spend good money on a simple black, leather pouch because I reckon it should last me forever. I always need one to carry my essential cards, some cash, my phone and my earphones when I'm moving about school or when I'm going out for a quickie. 1st generation saw a PVC Mango pouch degenerate, and 2nd generation is seeing my panda (yes) pouch crumble. 

On the issue of lust lists, 4 bags that constantly make me lament my lack of spare (not so spare, in this case) cash. Givenchy's Antigona in mirror silver, which I hold to dedicated belief is the best color out of all the random mixes they've made (see here: black with neon lime for the trendy); 3.1 Phillip Lim's 31 hour bag; Prada's Galleria, in a variety of sizes, but I'm quite particular to the smaller ones with shoulder straps; and Alexander Wang's Emile with slits. 

I revel in the fact that my choices are all subconsciously monochromatic. 

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