107 - Shining Armor

Finally pulled this silver chain mail-like pullover out of my closet today. I managed to snag the last piece from Editor's Market a few weeks back, on the deluded premise that I would find more ways than one (being this) to wear it. Add on a breastplate and switch out my clutch for a sword, I'd be armed and gloriously ready for a war against the Romans. I will blind them with my light. I will sparkle like Edward Cullen in the sun. 
On the matter of photos and outfits, meet Pachel Rachel, another one of your new online friends, and another one of my tall, skinny, model-like friends (damn). Fingers crossed she'll turn up in something exciting next week.

On me: Editor's silver pullover; Editor's white metal-tipped collar shirt; Giordano shorts; H&M sandals; H&M clutch
On Rachel: Topshop tank; TOMS shoes; ASOS shoulder bag

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