108 - Quaint-essential

A friend dropped me a link to Azumi and David's online shop yesterday, opening my eyes to the world of quirky, yet perhaps, perfect, bags. 

Cut your shirt into half, sew a large inner pocket, and you essentially get A 'N' D's shirt cotton bag - I have to admit I'm quite excited about this piece, despite it's impracticality and oddball-ness. Come on, layering piece and bag all in one! The Jumbo pocket bag is really cute, though my common sense is telling me £215.84 for it, even with the leather material, ain't cutting it. 

What is actually termed their "downside up bag", is actually a two-way bag. I can't begin to decide which side is up and which is down, but this will appeal to anyone's cost/wear ratios. As long as you're willing to survive a few odd looks. And perhaps their funniest creation: the shoebag. Not so much the shoebag you toss your dirty sneakers in, but a literal shoe+bag. Here we have the infamous heel kelly bag, I can't control my laughter. Thumbs up, A 'N' D! 

And a funny conversation with my dearest of friends who doesn't understand fashion, when I showed her a picture of a clutch I was planning to buy: "What would you put inside?" "What do you mean what would you put inside? It's a bag!" "But how about your water bottle! Or a book!"

Ah, the things we give up.

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