110 - Outerwear needs (Teaser)

I've been having a whole mess of inspirations lately, from the Lasalle Graduate Fashion Show, to using rich visual textured fabrics, to chic sportswear from ASOS x University of Westminster, to structured pieces, to the heavy minimalism of Heohwan Simulation. In essence, that is my inspiration for this collection, or perhaps, design dump.

15 different outerwear designs spanning 5 different inspirations/prompts, with 3 designs each. Perhaps some may strike as a little conventional, or lacking in the unique department, but I needed to hash out a few drawings and play with not just originality but practicality. I vouch, I want at least one piece from each mini collection in my closet.


  1. Beautiful and striking visual introduction. Hope to see the interplay of color in your collection, and best of luck :)

    1. Hm, I wonder so much about the interplay of color (seeing as how I tend to insert colors after the designs), but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless!