132 - Peplum Party

Peplums are still in season. (Cue initial identity crisis: Was it pronounced pep-lum, or pe-plum?)

It's honestly too girly a look for me to try, despite the alluring idea of eating ridiculous amounts of food and having an over-sized scrunched up piece of fabric hide your post-binge stomach. I pulled out my trusty pencil and paper last night to sketch something simple, in fear that I was losing my touch. Perhaps yes, these are a tad uninteresting.

The half-pep-lum vest is questionable, but no more than random beads and sequins on a pair of shorts/berms, or what I like to term, palazzo bermudas. We should get creative with names. Ending off with a theme for a new 11-12 piece avant garde ("oh finally, no more boring ready to wear") collection, for which I derived17.33%  of the inspiration from Mugler's Fall 2012 show: "Isolation".

Think: black and white.

131 - Marcellie Emerge

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It took us quite a while to realize there was an "e" in front of the "Merge!" 

Went for the Marcellie Emerge event with Thalia on Friday. The goodie bag was filled with lots of L'Oreal samples, vouchers and magazines, and I was a "lucky winner" who managed to win a bag of L'Oreal stuff - which now sits forlornly at the corner of my room until I decide what to do with it. I think the  Prada prizes (sponsored by Reebonz!) - a wallet, a wristlet and a bag -  definitely got the crowd itching in their seats. Well, at least me. Prada, hello people? Nonetheless, forget we not that this was a charity event, and the man who won the wallet kindly donated it back for "auction" in which the funds would go the charity.

Oni cupcakes for the event! The MCs - a married couple with an ex-model for a wife - were amazingly funny and entertaining as well: "Everybody thinks British are the same as girls." The main event for the night was Design For a Cause, where youth models and designers showcased their pieces, with quite a few pieces coming from the recent Raffles Runway show.

Dyon Ang's (RR) opening mirror-embellished dress

After seeing this necklace, Thalia is hell-bent on going to the D&T lab to create it for herself. 

Best closing collection that left me squealing and struggling to take good photos: A Medieval Expedition by Alisha Tukol, a recent Lasalle graduate who showcased these pieces at the RE-GENERATION Graduate show earlier this year. This was one of my favorite pieces from the show, and dress-with-cape looked even more amazing in real life, especially when the model lifted up her hands and it just floated in the air. Reliving that glorious moment. This dress obviously needs to go on sale. Post-intermission entertainment mainly included runway shows by MASH-UP!, Quainthood and Odds by reckless ericka. 

Marcellie was a good experience: quoting from the opening remarks in the programme booklet - "Initiated to envourage youths to pursue their dreams and remind them to be a blessing to others in need, Emerge! is a social movement that is conceptualized, organized and executed by youths." They're serious when they mention youths - no one in the organizing team was above the age of 26. It was definitely inspiring; ignoring the fact that Thalia kept nudging me whenever they said this was to encourage youths to pursue their interests. 

Ah, my eternal struggle between practicality and passion.

130 - Night Light

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What a: long night at Marcellie Emerge + Indoor flash + Manual focus + a white wall gets you. Ostentatious amounts of fun taking over 50 shots with Thalia last night, going through the chopping block, and ending up with these. I had to keep my hair up in random buns and loose ponytails (resulting in over 50 reties throughout the day) to make sure I wouldn't get stress marks and horrid let-down hair in the evening. The things I do.

I call this the batman silver edition thalia swing - picked it up from her while watching her model for the LBD Company back in May!

Finally brought these astroboots, as I endearingly call them, out for a run. 4 inches of incline, with hardly any padding. Inverted triangle legs needs an inverted triangle statement necklace from Lacquar, and with smug satisfaction I managed to get the last piece. From the Bugis+ outlet at least.

Thalia's photos came out a lot more fun, other than her dress of course. Lots of jumps and random poses and all round comfort in her shoes. Damn.

It's been a great birthday end-week so far! Onwards!

On me: Editor's sheer maxi shirt dress; Editor's silver pullover; Cotton On black bandage skirt; Lacquar metal necklace; ASOS boots
On Thalia: Zara dress; ASOS necklace; Anthropologie shoes

129 - Slithering Sixteen

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I am generally not fond of posting portrait photos just like this, because of how in-your-face my legs are, and the fact that the whole outfit/photo cannot be appreciated in one view without rolling your mouse. 

Moving on, I'm sixteen! Do you know what that means? That means a debit card. And what does a debit card mean? Paypal. And what does Paypal mean? I'll skip a few questions and jump straight to: Bankruptcy. I cannot emphasize how much I have overspent this month on the pretext that it is a birthday present to myself. When I woke up officially one year older this morning, I drew an absolute blank as to what to wear - attempts to plan beforehand failed tremendously. A pluck here and there, and I'm epitomizing my snake print love. 
Welp face: "Damn this is the best I could conjure up, oh well."

Still, it is a pretty exciting end-of-the-week! Horrid exams were over yesterday, and mother brought me to Fullerton Hotel's The Courtyard for afternoon tea (which wasn't spectacularly spectacular but that's another matter), tomorrow there's Marcellie Emerge with Thalia, Saturday is the ST Fashion & IT Showcase, and Sunday.. is well, a secret for the time being.

Presenting to you, massive forehead, big body, short legs.

Gmarket cape blazer; Editor's metal-tipped collar white shirt; Mango snake-skin print shorts; Lacquar snake-skin print shoes; H&M snake-skin print clutch

128 - Zazang

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Accompanying soundtrack for this post also includes ZAZ's Je Veux.

Despite my at disbelief at Zara's ever increasing prices (not necessarily coupled with quality), then and again, out of sheer habit, I find myself on Zara's page. Of course they're having their sale now, but, been there, done that. The new collection has some promising items, though I must admit Zara doesn't excite me as much now as it used it. Must be the price tags.

On le gauche we have what Zara calls a blazer with combined frill, but let's get real, it's just a crop jacket with a huge leather peplum. For the woman who likes her feminine silhouettes domineering, or for the woman with a short torso who wants a mini-dress. On le droite, we have handerkerchief printed trousers. Now let me get this out loud and clear: buying this is called preparation for Resort 2013. See Celine's Resort handkerchief pants here. Therefore, cost/wear ratio is highly favorable (it better be, for $170). And in the middle, think old glamour like Gucci's Spring 2012, just less gold and black, and a lot more pastel hues in this sequined dress. Obviously, these dresses should switch seasons.

To complement my wooden clutch, perhaps this wooden wedge ankle boot. Would probably need some wood stain to get them to be the same color, oh the horror of ruining these $200 boots ($199, but does that really matter?) Already so synonymous, I cannot help but to think of these basic sling back as Zara's copy interpretation of Alexander Wang's Liya pumps, note: for the slim-footed. Three's a lucky number, and get colorful with this tricolor court shoe

Onto the friends for hands, a studded small box bag, because obviously, my excuse of a wooden clutch is insufficient, but for 1/10th the price I will argue otherwise. And up at the embroidered leather clutch bag, what looks like some very deplorable sewing (something I'm a master at, really), but admit it, it's got charm. 

Premise 1: Zara clutch is messy. Premise 2: Zara clutch is nice. Premise 3: Liz's DIY wooden clutch is messy. Conclusion? Liz's DIY wooden clutch is amazing.

127 - Role-switch

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Really, donning so many color outfits in such a short time span, surprise maximus. Saw this dress at the Zara sale and simply had to have it for the chiffon panel at the bottom, and the side slits. Dear fall trends, I'm slit-skirting alright. Comments included looking like a daisy. I wish internet language could convey the disdain behind those words more effectively.

Brought my Alexander Wang golf bag ASOS bag out for the first time, and I'm honestly flattered when people call it a golf bag. Reference spot-on. Lime sandals with an extra insole wedge scream new shoes from Lacquar, although I can't pinpoint where I've seen it before. Ingenious nonetheless.

Switched roles for a day. Rachel took on the monochromatic look instead.

Really love this shot. (26.3% of the reason being because I took it.) 

On me: Zara long sleeve shirt; Zara neon yellow linen-chiffon dress; ASOS bag; Lacquar sandals
On Rachel: Topshop tank; Zara pants; ASOS shoes; China bag; Nasty Gal necklace; -unknown- necklace

126 - Elena Burenina

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I was first attracted by this amazing campaign shoot for her Spring 2013 collection. And then, with the blessed tools of the 21st Century (a.k.a. google image search), I found Ukrainian extraordinaire, Elena Burenina. I can't find out much about her, she's pretty under the radar internationally, and neither does her Facebook page have many likes. But there is so much to adore about her collections, all of them. Onward, fashion.

Her Spring/Summer 2011 collection was particularly stunning. If you think the likes of Chalayan that feature regularly on the runways have mind-boggling designs, Burenina isn't losing out either. The theme of this collection was about genetics, bionics and a genetically modified world. "Over-optimistic futurologists believe that growing a new human being or a human organ will soon be as easy as farming carrots." Burenina's reflection of our advancing technology and it's moral implications is stunning and thought provoking at the least, and her stance is only further emphasized by the use of non genetically modified organic components for the materials, "hoping for keeping identity by everyone in this dehumanizing world."

Her recent collections, notably in 2012, have shifted towards the ready-to-wear market, but she proves herself equally capable. I honestly wished my eyes and brains would process the images faster while running through this collection - there wasn't any patience. Look after look are well-constructed and polished (and an added bonus of a gorgeous model). There's a certain tone of androgyny and minimalism running through the collection, and while there are basic pieces with a bit of a twist, there are pieces so daring, so provoking, that I honestly want to wear them. Case in points: horns on the back of a jacket, a coat with birds on the shoulders. Reread that sentence. Birds on the shoulders, beautifully tailored. Watch the runway show at Ukrainian Fashion Week here.

Elena Burenina has so much to offer, and I'm hoping one day she'll make it further beyond Ukrainian Fashion Week, and make her collections available elsewhere. (Because, I would really, really love that bird coat.)

125 - Mash Mania

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I went down to Parco the other day to grab some interviews for a school project, and I managed to catch Nat from MASH-UP (and Lionel from LION EARL), and although most of the conversation had to deal with the nature of my project, certain facts about MASH-UP did come up. It was enjoyable talking to Nat: he was funny, friendly, and (upon rewinding and realizing) he tolerated the ridiculous number of times I said "like" in one sentence.

One line did strike out to me though: "Our look is very new.. In Singapore it is very new."

Among all the emerging designers in Singapore (many of whom love deconstructed, drape-y pieces, and simply adore black), MASH-UP screams fun, evident enough from their photo shoot. Everybody loves their fair share of basic or polished pieces, but these pieces are the type that end up being conversation starters. These are the clothes that you don on days you wake up and the first thought in your head is, "I love the world." (Although I must admit I don't get many of these.) 

The materials are humble: they're not expensive chiffon or the finest silk, but the common denim and cotton. Neither does everything have to be new from bottom-up: it's an eclectic mix of materials, fabrics, embroidery, and good old DIY sense used on some of the most plebeian of garments. And while every collection has a story to tell, MASH-UP has some very interesting tales to share.

I reckon, as Nat says, MASH-UP is very new. But it's the sort of new I can't wait to catch on, because street style can only get more exciting and eye-gasmic from now on.

124 - Emulating Fall: Oriental

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Recently, I've set up a tripod in my room so on certain days I wouldn't have to bother my brother, or anyone else for that matter, for a photograph. Of course, when one takes their own photo at 6 in the morning, facial muscles are bound to be in atrophy. On the subject matter of racial harmony day and ethnic dressing, this was as far as I could bring myself to go. Chinese top meets Irish brogues. 

Globalization big bang bong, all that West meets East nonsense, we see a good, respectable amount on the Fall runways. From the left, it couldn't get more obvious with the hats at Jason Wu; Proenza Schouler making traditional-modern clothes more than desirable - covet-able - with the metallic sheens and bird embroideries and what not; Rag & Bone; and personal favorite Dries Van Noten rocking it in shades of neon and uneven paneled eastern prints. 

A trip to Shanghai Tang would probably prove more fruitful than digging through your mother's closet though. Subjective. 

Mother's top worn as outer; Giordano plain tee; Uniqlo bermudas; Zara bluchers; Flea bag

123 - Au Naturel


Took my DIY shambly wooden clutch out for a roll on Sunday. Found this little garden with a gorgeous wood swing that swings perfectly. No creaks, nothing. Just endless, swinging, fun.

This white top is so so staple and precious to me, and recently I found out one of the metal tips is falling out, but I haven't been able to get round to reattaching it properly. Begging to the little garden fairies that it doesn't just drop out in the wash.


ASOS Open back brown jacket; Editor's metal tipped collar shirt; Zara shorts; DIY wooden clutch; Far East shoes

122 - Happiness in a box

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Happiness comes in more than a shoe-box. It comes in a huge cardboard box labelled "asos". 

I imagined I must have looked quite odd to the resident who saw me sitting on the car-park floor taking picture of a shoe. Nevertheless, I present to you my new astroboots (I'll be pulling off Moschino this fall) I ordered in my ASOS haul last week, as a mini-birthday present. I maintain that they look amazing, but since I have wide feet they're a little tight, and the front is very wide due to the cushioned ankle backing. 

Another one of the buys I deliberated night and day over (mostly because it cost $50, for a pyramid) is this metallic textured leather triangle bag. I'm a bit disappointed that the four zips on each corner are individual pockets and not really one big one in the middle. I'll be spinning this thing 4-sides over trying to find the right pouch. I'm naming that corner of the bag in the last panel Frog-eyes, then the next one Lizard-eyes, Insect-eyes, and Beady-eyes.

Lovely gold hardware on my ASOS body bag, because Alexander Wang's cross-body "golf" bag inspired me so much. Only the 2nd time I've ordered from ASOS, but their bags and clutches have proved to be of fairly good quality and design. 

Last buy also included a grid belt, and a French Connection leather belt for my brother's birthday. I would've loved to buy him a pair of nice bluchers, but I figured he wouldn't appreciate it. Seeing as it's his 21st birthday, something useful then.

Can't wait for the weekend.

121 - Emulating Fall: Part I

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I took the time to skim rip through the pages of Fall 2012 runway looks last night, and shortlisted about 38 from my favorite designers and others, that will be easier, and perhaps fun, to emulate this season. The weather kindly taken into consideration as well. And because lasso-tool-ing the models is mentally and eye taxing, they're coming in parts.

Helmut Lang, Balmain, Helmut Lang, Meadham Kirchhoff, Prabal Gurung, Stella McCartney, Acne, Christopher Kane, MM6

The Suit Stories
The sheer number of suits I shortlisted says much about my preferences. Nonetheless, blazers with a bit more construction from Helmut Lang, color-blocking with blazers, shiny lacquared suits from Prabal and C. Kane, go humble with MM6's denim, lazy with Balmain, ridiculous with Meadham (if you're actually trying this Topshop might be a good place to start - they love sequins to a ridiculous extent), and if you unfortunately hurt your neck and will be sporting a neck brace, try Acne.

Paco Rabanne, Proenza Schouler, Hakaan, Blumarine, Peter Pilotto, MM6, Mandy Coon (Images from Style.com)

Metallica and Statement Dresses
On the left wing, the light shines on the good. Shimmery pieces, Liu Wen shows you that your peplums are still in, oriental goodness from Proenza, and what I'm aiming to do - be a walking mirror with Blumarine. On the right wing, jump off a UFO with Pilotto, and be kaleidoscope-fantastic with Mandy. Is it me, or do those looks like chimps staring at you?

Time to start building up your closet.

120 - Ensnared

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Starting a post with a picture of your behind, I thought that might have been an attractive idea. Woke up this morning with no idea what to wear, and almost tossed on a neon yellow dress. Horrid idea. 

Nah, the real reason why I started off with a picture of my behind was because you couldn't see the web from in front. Was fighting with the urge to name this post snakes caught in a web - was probably a better decision not to. On the left, being spastic as, per, usual. Inverted triangle legs aren't as obvious as usual, but with the start of festive season (aka birthday weekends: my brother's this week, and mine and my dad's for the next two weeks), they won't be getting any skinnier.

Eclectic magnetic. (That actually makes no sense but it was ringing in my head.)

G2000 blazer; Lacquar t-shirt; Mango snakeskin print shorts; Far East shoes; Flea bag