112 - ECLIP5E Outerwear Designs

La-dida, click for a screen full of naked bottoms and clearer details.

Introductory post here, but from right to left, top to bottom: 1) Translucent white fabrics layered and folded on top of each other, inspired by a collection from the Lasalle Graduate Fashion show, and this lovely sci-fi painting here. 2) Origami and structure, meant to be created with more rigid fabrics with a slight metallic sheen, and features hexagonal origami folds; 3) Minimalist meets partly versatile drawn from Heohwan Simulation - zips for extra flaps, skin flaunting and fabric expansion. 4) Texture overload with a rattan-basket weave look (see here) and rough and tough leather (see here). 5) Sports and perhaps not as city chic, grey-orange cotton jackets featuring criss-cross gradients, and a spin on a college pullover thrown in for good measure.

Personally, I would survive with - at least one of the translucent ones, the blue origami one, the white sports pullover, the first leather-rattan combination, and all of the minimalist ones.

What say you?

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