113 - Hardware Overload

I don't confess to wearing much jewelry nowadays. I was into statement necklaces last season, but you have to admit that puts a huge dent in your wallet. So I shifted to edgier, fiercer pieces. Cold, hard, metal-wear. It started out with one innocent spiked bracelet, and ended up as a bunch of noisy, clanging, heavy accessories. Chang-chang.

90% of the time nowadays I go out absolutely clean - other than a hair tie on my wrist. Regardless, these make up a bulk of my staple accessories. Perhaps one day I'll go through the trouble of wearing them all at once.

Lacquar - silver spike bracelet; black spike bracelet, studded leather wristband
ASOS - Silver and gunmetal guitar cord bracelets
Forever 21 - Chain necklace
Chamelon - Silver rings
Minibits Korea - Silver chain bracelet
The Cult Label - Alexander Wang replica sunglasses

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