115 - Figures

(Fig 1.1) While this jacket does make a wonderful layering piece on the shoulders, I propose what is either classified as genius or plain stupid - (Fig 1.2) Shirt sleeves going beyond that of your outer. Alludes slightly of some sort of childish raincoat fashion, but Google fails to find the right visual aid for me. Other things to note about Fig 1.2: Hair caught in a jacket, inverted triangle legs, and retarded facial muscles.

My brother (also photographer and resident woman repeller) decided to also take some ridiculously candid photos of what is nicely termed, behind-the-scenes, but mostly involves me in a varying array of odd, compromising positions, like Fig 2.2, with my clutch in between my legs, which I have also graciously decided to share. Bet you didn't need to see that.

H&M jacket; Editor's collar-tipped shirt; Stradivarius printed shorts; H&M silver sandals; ASOS clutch

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