116 - Prototype

"We should start a series of accessories called 'Prototype' - a series because we'll never get past the first one!" - Me, in the middle of our project

That giddy gif (alliteration pizzazz) is essentially the DIY wooden "clutch", or box, as I explained to everyone, that Chua and I made today at our school's D&T workshop. This is the result of a well-ingrained love for wood (haha wood - grain?) and a trip to Daiso which resulted in $8 less in my wallet and a plastic bag of wood and hardware. 

Of course right now, the color isn't uniform (since I didn't manage to get two planks of the dark, burnt one), but I'm planning on buying some wood stain to get it darker and give it a bit of protection. It is obviously flawed - despite the ridiculous amounts of time we spent sanding off uneven bits it just got worse and worse, and we decided to settle on this finally, on the premise that well,

a) when it is dark, the uneven gaps won't be so obvious
b) we're going for a rustic homemade feel

Even after drawing in straight lines, we can't cut in straight lines.

First panel: the biggest nail file ever. Last panel: My Picasso to your Mona Lisa, can you tell it's Pinocchio? 

This prototype may or may not make it to version 2, but before that, I'll probably bring it on a dry (literally as well, or it'd grow mold) run.

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