117 - Call of the Siren

More often than not, the phrase "call of the siren" is used in a sentence that also contains the word "bed". Alas, not in this case. My laziness betrays me: until (if) I have completed the collection, with probably minimum 8 looks, I won't bother drawing and coloring it properly. This is the result of multiple influences clanging together in my head during a block of Philosophy - first being, a reminder of the Sun Fei Fei Givenchy Frock recently worn by Anna Dello Russo, and second being, if not obvious enough already, the Chanel Spring RTW 2012 show.

Zips have been constantly on my mind, and it's still apparent here. An optional back-slit for the first dress, a zipped-front culotte shorts (how ingenious really, you can have flappy shorts should you wish to unzip it), and more zips in the last piece. Digitally printed seashells: I got inspired by this t-shirt I saw a girl wearing yesterday, with tropical print aviators on them. Make me double look. And an idea I didn't have enough space on the paper to expand on, weaved leathers and slits for the fourth dress.

A challenge was posed to me to draw "men's clothes for women". I'll see how that goes. 

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