119 - Panda-monium

Ocean Park Panda pouch; TheCultLabel Alexander Wang replica sunglasses

Take a walk back to my lust list, and you'll remember me mentioning that my "2nd generation panda pouch" was disintegrating. It still is, but while it is still in somewhat presentable condition, I'll present it to you. I usually don't use it during the weekends, only for school days, but it's so essential me that I should. Think about it. It's a) monochrome, b) asian, c) lazy. I am the panda. The panda is me.

I can't remember the last time I went Hong Kong - it was probably 3, 4 years back, but I only started using it last year, so deducing the PVC lifespan is a bit difficult. But if I went back anytime soon and this was still selling, I'd definitely replace it. It's me, it's cute, and gives an easy quirk to a monochrome outfit. 

Someday, someday.

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