120 - Ensnared

Starting a post with a picture of your behind, I thought that might have been an attractive idea. Woke up this morning with no idea what to wear, and almost tossed on a neon yellow dress. Horrid idea. 

Nah, the real reason why I started off with a picture of my behind was because you couldn't see the web from in front. Was fighting with the urge to name this post snakes caught in a web - was probably a better decision not to. On the left, being spastic as, per, usual. Inverted triangle legs aren't as obvious as usual, but with the start of festive season (aka birthday weekends: my brother's this week, and mine and my dad's for the next two weeks), they won't be getting any skinnier.

Eclectic magnetic. (That actually makes no sense but it was ringing in my head.)

G2000 blazer; Lacquar t-shirt; Mango snakeskin print shorts; Far East shoes; Flea bag

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