122 - Happiness in a box

Happiness comes in more than a shoe-box. It comes in a huge cardboard box labelled "asos". 

I imagined I must have looked quite odd to the resident who saw me sitting on the car-park floor taking picture of a shoe. Nevertheless, I present to you my new astroboots (I'll be pulling off Moschino this fall) I ordered in my ASOS haul last week, as a mini-birthday present. I maintain that they look amazing, but since I have wide feet they're a little tight, and the front is very wide due to the cushioned ankle backing. 

Another one of the buys I deliberated night and day over (mostly because it cost $50, for a pyramid) is this metallic textured leather triangle bag. I'm a bit disappointed that the four zips on each corner are individual pockets and not really one big one in the middle. I'll be spinning this thing 4-sides over trying to find the right pouch. I'm naming that corner of the bag in the last panel Frog-eyes, then the next one Lizard-eyes, Insect-eyes, and Beady-eyes.

Lovely gold hardware on my ASOS body bag, because Alexander Wang's cross-body "golf" bag inspired me so much. Only the 2nd time I've ordered from ASOS, but their bags and clutches have proved to be of fairly good quality and design. 

Last buy also included a grid belt, and a French Connection leather belt for my brother's birthday. I would've loved to buy him a pair of nice bluchers, but I figured he wouldn't appreciate it. Seeing as it's his 21st birthday, something useful then.

Can't wait for the weekend.

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