125 - Mash Mania

I went down to Parco the other day to grab some interviews for a school project, and I managed to catch Nat from MASH-UP (and Lionel from LION EARL), and although most of the conversation had to deal with the nature of my project, certain facts about MASH-UP did come up. It was enjoyable talking to Nat: he was funny, friendly, and (upon rewinding and realizing) he tolerated the ridiculous number of times I said "like" in one sentence.

One line did strike out to me though: "Our look is very new.. In Singapore it is very new."

Among all the emerging designers in Singapore (many of whom love deconstructed, drape-y pieces, and simply adore black), MASH-UP screams fun, evident enough from their photo shoot. Everybody loves their fair share of basic or polished pieces, but these pieces are the type that end up being conversation starters. These are the clothes that you don on days you wake up and the first thought in your head is, "I love the world." (Although I must admit I don't get many of these.) 

The materials are humble: they're not expensive chiffon or the finest silk, but the common denim and cotton. Neither does everything have to be new from bottom-up: it's an eclectic mix of materials, fabrics, embroidery, and good old DIY sense used on some of the most plebeian of garments. And while every collection has a story to tell, MASH-UP has some very interesting tales to share.

I reckon, as Nat says, MASH-UP is very new. But it's the sort of new I can't wait to catch on, because street style can only get more exciting and eye-gasmic from now on.

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  1. i agree on that... most (if not all) singaporean designers love the drapey, ~minimalist~ designs in ubiquitous ~black~ and mash-up is a breath of fresh air!