126 - Elena Burenina

I was first attracted by this amazing campaign shoot for her Spring 2013 collection. And then, with the blessed tools of the 21st Century (a.k.a. google image search), I found Ukrainian extraordinaire, Elena Burenina. I can't find out much about her, she's pretty under the radar internationally, and neither does her Facebook page have many likes. But there is so much to adore about her collections, all of them. Onward, fashion.

Her Spring/Summer 2011 collection was particularly stunning. If you think the likes of Chalayan that feature regularly on the runways have mind-boggling designs, Burenina isn't losing out either. The theme of this collection was about genetics, bionics and a genetically modified world. "Over-optimistic futurologists believe that growing a new human being or a human organ will soon be as easy as farming carrots." Burenina's reflection of our advancing technology and it's moral implications is stunning and thought provoking at the least, and her stance is only further emphasized by the use of non genetically modified organic components for the materials, "hoping for keeping identity by everyone in this dehumanizing world."

Her recent collections, notably in 2012, have shifted towards the ready-to-wear market, but she proves herself equally capable. I honestly wished my eyes and brains would process the images faster while running through this collection - there wasn't any patience. Look after look are well-constructed and polished (and an added bonus of a gorgeous model). There's a certain tone of androgyny and minimalism running through the collection, and while there are basic pieces with a bit of a twist, there are pieces so daring, so provoking, that I honestly want to wear them. Case in points: horns on the back of a jacket, a coat with birds on the shoulders. Reread that sentence. Birds on the shoulders, beautifully tailored. Watch the runway show at Ukrainian Fashion Week here.

Elena Burenina has so much to offer, and I'm hoping one day she'll make it further beyond Ukrainian Fashion Week, and make her collections available elsewhere. (Because, I would really, really love that bird coat.)

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