127 - Role-switch

Really, donning so many color outfits in such a short time span, surprise maximus. Saw this dress at the Zara sale and simply had to have it for the chiffon panel at the bottom, and the side slits. Dear fall trends, I'm slit-skirting alright. Comments included looking like a daisy. I wish internet language could convey the disdain behind those words more effectively.

Brought my Alexander Wang golf bag ASOS bag out for the first time, and I'm honestly flattered when people call it a golf bag. Reference spot-on. Lime sandals with an extra insole wedge scream new shoes from Lacquar, although I can't pinpoint where I've seen it before. Ingenious nonetheless.

Switched roles for a day. Rachel took on the monochromatic look instead.

Really love this shot. (26.3% of the reason being because I took it.) 

On me: Zara long sleeve shirt; Zara neon yellow linen-chiffon dress; ASOS bag; Lacquar sandals
On Rachel: Topshop tank; Zara pants; ASOS shoes; China bag; Nasty Gal necklace; -unknown- necklace

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