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Accompanying soundtrack for this post also includes ZAZ's Je Veux.

Despite my at disbelief at Zara's ever increasing prices (not necessarily coupled with quality), then and again, out of sheer habit, I find myself on Zara's page. Of course they're having their sale now, but, been there, done that. The new collection has some promising items, though I must admit Zara doesn't excite me as much now as it used it. Must be the price tags.

On le gauche we have what Zara calls a blazer with combined frill, but let's get real, it's just a crop jacket with a huge leather peplum. For the woman who likes her feminine silhouettes domineering, or for the woman with a short torso who wants a mini-dress. On le droite, we have handerkerchief printed trousers. Now let me get this out loud and clear: buying this is called preparation for Resort 2013. See Celine's Resort handkerchief pants here. Therefore, cost/wear ratio is highly favorable (it better be, for $170). And in the middle, think old glamour like Gucci's Spring 2012, just less gold and black, and a lot more pastel hues in this sequined dress. Obviously, these dresses should switch seasons.

To complement my wooden clutch, perhaps this wooden wedge ankle boot. Would probably need some wood stain to get them to be the same color, oh the horror of ruining these $200 boots ($199, but does that really matter?) Already so synonymous, I cannot help but to think of these basic sling back as Zara's copy interpretation of Alexander Wang's Liya pumps, note: for the slim-footed. Three's a lucky number, and get colorful with this tricolor court shoe

Onto the friends for hands, a studded small box bag, because obviously, my excuse of a wooden clutch is insufficient, but for 1/10th the price I will argue otherwise. And up at the embroidered leather clutch bag, what looks like some very deplorable sewing (something I'm a master at, really), but admit it, it's got charm. 

Premise 1: Zara clutch is messy. Premise 2: Zara clutch is nice. Premise 3: Liz's DIY wooden clutch is messy. Conclusion? Liz's DIY wooden clutch is amazing.

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