129 - Slithering Sixteen

I am generally not fond of posting portrait photos just like this, because of how in-your-face my legs are, and the fact that the whole outfit/photo cannot be appreciated in one view without rolling your mouse. 

Moving on, I'm sixteen! Do you know what that means? That means a debit card. And what does a debit card mean? Paypal. And what does Paypal mean? I'll skip a few questions and jump straight to: Bankruptcy. I cannot emphasize how much I have overspent this month on the pretext that it is a birthday present to myself. When I woke up officially one year older this morning, I drew an absolute blank as to what to wear - attempts to plan beforehand failed tremendously. A pluck here and there, and I'm epitomizing my snake print love. 
Welp face: "Damn this is the best I could conjure up, oh well."

Still, it is a pretty exciting end-of-the-week! Horrid exams were over yesterday, and mother brought me to Fullerton Hotel's The Courtyard for afternoon tea (which wasn't spectacularly spectacular but that's another matter), tomorrow there's Marcellie Emerge with Thalia, Saturday is the ST Fashion & IT Showcase, and Sunday.. is well, a secret for the time being.

Presenting to you, massive forehead, big body, short legs.

Gmarket cape blazer; Editor's metal-tipped collar white shirt; Mango snake-skin print shorts; Lacquar snake-skin print shoes; H&M snake-skin print clutch

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