130 - Night Light

What a: long night at Marcellie Emerge + Indoor flash + Manual focus + a white wall gets you. Ostentatious amounts of fun taking over 50 shots with Thalia last night, going through the chopping block, and ending up with these. I had to keep my hair up in random buns and loose ponytails (resulting in over 50 reties throughout the day) to make sure I wouldn't get stress marks and horrid let-down hair in the evening. The things I do.

I call this the batman silver edition thalia swing - picked it up from her while watching her model for the LBD Company back in May!

Finally brought these astroboots, as I endearingly call them, out for a run. 4 inches of incline, with hardly any padding. Inverted triangle legs needs an inverted triangle statement necklace from Lacquar, and with smug satisfaction I managed to get the last piece. From the Bugis+ outlet at least.

Thalia's photos came out a lot more fun, other than her dress of course. Lots of jumps and random poses and all round comfort in her shoes. Damn.

It's been a great birthday end-week so far! Onwards!

On me: Editor's sheer maxi shirt dress; Editor's silver pullover; Cotton On black bandage skirt; Lacquar metal necklace; ASOS boots
On Thalia: Zara dress; ASOS necklace; Anthropologie shoes

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