131 - Marcellie Emerge

It took us quite a while to realize there was an "e" in front of the "Merge!" 

Went for the Marcellie Emerge event with Thalia on Friday. The goodie bag was filled with lots of L'Oreal samples, vouchers and magazines, and I was a "lucky winner" who managed to win a bag of L'Oreal stuff - which now sits forlornly at the corner of my room until I decide what to do with it. I think the  Prada prizes (sponsored by Reebonz!) - a wallet, a wristlet and a bag -  definitely got the crowd itching in their seats. Well, at least me. Prada, hello people? Nonetheless, forget we not that this was a charity event, and the man who won the wallet kindly donated it back for "auction" in which the funds would go the charity.

Oni cupcakes for the event! The MCs - a married couple with an ex-model for a wife - were amazingly funny and entertaining as well: "Everybody thinks British are the same as girls." The main event for the night was Design For a Cause, where youth models and designers showcased their pieces, with quite a few pieces coming from the recent Raffles Runway show.

Dyon Ang's (RR) opening mirror-embellished dress

After seeing this necklace, Thalia is hell-bent on going to the D&T lab to create it for herself. 

Best closing collection that left me squealing and struggling to take good photos: A Medieval Expedition by Alisha Tukol, a recent Lasalle graduate who showcased these pieces at the RE-GENERATION Graduate show earlier this year. This was one of my favorite pieces from the show, and dress-with-cape looked even more amazing in real life, especially when the model lifted up her hands and it just floated in the air. Reliving that glorious moment. This dress obviously needs to go on sale. Post-intermission entertainment mainly included runway shows by MASH-UP!, Quainthood and Odds by reckless ericka. 

Marcellie was a good experience: quoting from the opening remarks in the programme booklet - "Initiated to envourage youths to pursue their dreams and remind them to be a blessing to others in need, Emerge! is a social movement that is conceptualized, organized and executed by youths." They're serious when they mention youths - no one in the organizing team was above the age of 26. It was definitely inspiring; ignoring the fact that Thalia kept nudging me whenever they said this was to encourage youths to pursue their interests. 

Ah, my eternal struggle between practicality and passion.

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