132 - Peplum Party

Peplums are still in season. (Cue initial identity crisis: Was it pronounced pep-lum, or pe-plum?)

It's honestly too girly a look for me to try, despite the alluring idea of eating ridiculous amounts of food and having an over-sized scrunched up piece of fabric hide your post-binge stomach. I pulled out my trusty pencil and paper last night to sketch something simple, in fear that I was losing my touch. Perhaps yes, these are a tad uninteresting.

The half-pep-lum vest is questionable, but no more than random beads and sequins on a pair of shorts/berms, or what I like to term, palazzo bermudas. We should get creative with names. Ending off with a theme for a new 11-12 piece avant garde ("oh finally, no more boring ready to wear") collection, for which I derived17.33%  of the inspiration from Mugler's Fall 2012 show: "Isolation".

Think: black and white.


  1. red white blue is perfect for the games

  2. i discovered your blog today and i think you are doing a great job.thumbs up :)

    1. Thank you, hope you continue to visit ^u^